Yam Island mum of nine grateful for midwifery support

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  • Yam Island mum delivers ninth baby in Cairns
  • Mum paid tribute to TCHHS Midwifery Navigation team
  • Team can support all pregnant women and new mums

A Yam Island mum who gave birth to her ninth child in Cairns last month has paid tribute to a special team of midwives and health workers.

Louisa Kebisu stayed in Cairns with son Jeffrey, 6, for most of her pregnancy.

Her obstetric specialist team in Cairns Hospital were able to monitor her closely. She was able to stay near Cairns Hospital, while waiting to give birth.

Assisting her along the way was the team from the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service's Midwifery Navigation team.

During the six months Louisa and Jeffrey were living in Cairns, the team were able to give them a lot of support. They helped arrange transport, appointments, medication and to access health promotion. They also gave advice about specialist services, if needed.

“I just want to thank them for what they did, and they do a lot,” Louisa said.

“They were very helpful. They gave me a central contact person who helped me when I needed it.

“When I was discharged (from hospital) they came and did home visits.”

The midwifery navigation team is funded by the State Government's Growing Deadly Families initiative. It supports pregnant women and new mothers while in Cairns from the Torres Strait, Cape York and Northern Peninsula Area.

They can also support women in their communities through telehealth or in person if they travel to Cairns to give birth.