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Torres and Cape HHS Chief Executive Rex O’Rourke.

We are proud of the tremendous dedication and work of our hospital and health service staff and their ongoing commitment to delivering the best outcomes to our patients and communities through the delivery of culturally safe, accessible and sustainable health care.

We acknowledge the challenging nature of recent media attention surrounding our services in the Torres Strait, particularly for our staff, partners, and the broader community.

The matters raised in the media have been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission for investigation. As such, we are unable to comment in detail on the matters raised. However, we assure you that we take these matters seriously and that we will participate in any review in a transparent and open manner.

It is important to recognise that the matters raised in the media concern historical matters that were responded to at the time and do not reflect the current environment and practices.

As a health service, we support and uphold the protections afforded to staff raising issues
through a Public Interest Disclosure process.

We will continue to offer support to our staff and ensure we work with our partners to deliver high-quality health services across the region.