Private health insurance

If you're eligible for Medicare and have private health insurance as well, you can choose between being a private or public patient.

When you use private health insurance in one of our hospitals:

  • you're helping support our hospital
  • you won't pay out of pocket expenses
  • we'll cover any excess or co-payment if you're staying in hospital.

How it works

Talk to a ward clerk or ask at reception about using your private health insurance for your admission.

Our staff can:

  • explain the process and benefits of being a private patient
  • talk to your health fund for you and work out if you're eligible.

We can also help you sort out any of the paperwork you need to do to make a claim. In most cases we can send your accounts straight to Medicare and your health fund on your behalf.

You can ask for a single room if there's one available. However, we allocate those rooms based on clinical needs.

You won't pay for:

  • doctors' fees
  • operating theatre fees
  • tests like imaging and pathology
  • prostheses
  • medicines and other pharmaceuticals - not including discharge medications.

Revenue from private health funds helps our hospitals buy equipment and maintain our facilities. If you decide to use it, you'll be helping us improve the services we can offer to all patients.

Last updated: December 2022