COVID-19 visiting restrictions

There are some restrictions on visiting hospitals because of COVID-19.

Check the latest advice before you visit on the Queensland Health website.

Visiting hours

The visiting hours are different for each hospital and each ward.

There's usually a time in the middle of the day where patients should get some rest and a meal.

For a hospital's visiting hours and rules, check the hospital's details.

Don't visit if you're feeling unwell

To help keep our patients and staff healthy, please don't visit if you have a cough, cold, upset stomach, or any other infectious condition.

Keep your hands clean

Clean your hands using soap and water or a hand sanitiser. Do this every time you go in or out of a patient's room. You should also do it whenever you go into other areas of the hospital.

Keeping your hands clean helps stop infections spreading around the hospital.

Things you can bring a patient

You can bring or send items like books, magazines, or fruit.

Some hospitals don't allow flowers in the wards or other clinical areas. Check with the hospital before bringing or sending someone flowers.

Read more about staying in hospital.

Last updated: December 2022