Your health record

Your health records may include:

  • medical reports
  • care plans
  • scans
  • surgical or clinical notes
  • test results
  • x-rays.

Your health records are either in an online database, as paper files, or a mix of both.

Your records are kept private and confidential.

Sometimes your health records will get passed from one of your health care providers to another one. This helps us make sure we have all the right information about you.

Read our privacy plan [PDF 3630.42 KB] and learn how we collect and handle your personal information.

Seeing your health records

Your health record is the property of the hospital or health centre that has them. However, you can look at them or get a copy.

There's no charge to access your health records.

If some of the information we have about you is wrong, you can ask us to fix it.

How to see your records

  1. Download the application form to access your medical records [PDF 195 kB] or ask for a copy of it from a hospital or health centre.
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. Get proof of your identity, such as a driver's licence. The second page of the form tells you what kinds of documents you can use.
  4. Send us the form, or see us in person.

Sometimes we can't release records. If so, we'll contact you and explain why.

If you need help reading your hospital records, we can arrange for an interpreter to help.

Sharing your hospital medical records with another doctor

After you've been in hospital, a doctor may want to see your hospital records, scans, test results and other records. They can use these for your ongoing care and treatment.

Doctors can register to have online access to medical records and patient information from Queensland Health systems.

These may include:

  • pathology and radiology results
  • medications
  • allergies and alerts
  • care plans and discharge summaries.

If you don’t want your doctor to have access to your information, you can opt out online or by calling 13 43 25 84. We can also arrange interpreter services for you.

Last updated: December 2022