Your right to information

We can give you most kinds of information, unless there's a good reason not to.

The information can be about:

  • you and your health records
  • us and our processes.

There are two main laws that govern this:

Information about you

You have the right to see information about you that we have. If we have the wrong information, you have the right to tell us to change it.

We encourage you to ask for your own records rather than having someone else do it for you. If someone else asks, like a lawyer or a family member, we'll ask them to prove that they're acting on your behalf.

If you're asking for your child's health records, we'll ask you to prove that you have a family relationship with them.

Find out how to see your health records.

Information about us

You can get information about us and how we work.

There's a formal process you can use to apply for information, but you should try informal ways first. It can save you time and money.

1: Check online

The information you're looking for might already be online.

Check these places first:

2: Check with the facility

You can also ask a health facility or office to give you the information you're interested in. Contact the facility that has the information

The staff may be able to help you find the information you need without having to go through a formal process.

3: Make a formal RTI request

You can apply online or download a form from the Queensland Government website.

There may be fees and charges depending on your request.

If you choose to download and complete a form, submit it:

Information Access Unit
Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service
PO Box 5607
Cairns Qld 4870

After you make a request

We'll write and let you know if we can give you the information or update it for you.

If you’re unhappy with our decision, you can apply to have it reviewed. You need to do this within 20 business days from the date on the letter telling you about our decision.

You can also ask the Information Commissioner to review our decision.

Last updated: May 2023